Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nothing Like a Friend...

A common theme in Shakespeare's comedies is "Friendship." Whether it be the characters in A Midsummer's Night's Dream, with Lysander and Demetreus and Hermia and Helena, or Claudio and Don Pedro, with cousins Beatrice and Hero in Much Ado About Nothing, it seems that "friendship" gets amusingly side-tracked in the scheme of things.

I especially enjoyed the true to life situations in Much Ado About Nothing leading to Beatrice's and Benedick's union, where their dear friends stepped in to make them realize their love for each other. Without the help of their fellow schemers, excuse me, friends, love would have been lost for 'Bea' and 'Ben.'

Which brings me to another thought. I like how Shakespeare uses simple ideas for the action, for his characters, that have been present in people throughout history. Childish play and ridiculous skirmishes between friends have been happening, forever. To see these characteristics in the adults in many of Shakespeare's comedies brings truth, as well as enjoyment, to the reading of his plays. Beatrice's and Benedick's name calling and exagerated hate for each other reminded me of two school kids fighting. I recognized the "lingo" and knew right away that they were in love! ...Linda

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