Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Shakespeare Parodies

Shakespeare's works can never escape the the realm of art of parody.

Hamlet, one of Shakespeare's best known plays, has been made into several videos. This is true when it is mingled with "Star Wars," ironically borrowing Shakesperian elements.
This live action video is the corny parody of the ending of Hamlet.

This site depicts "Star Wars" action figures into "online comic" scenarios with Shakespeare involved. The action figures feature the dialogue and situations depicted in Shakespearian works.

Below is a sample scene, with Luke Skywalker, the ghost and the dialogue that came beneath it:

Ghost: I am thy father's spirit, Doomed for a certain term to walk the night, And for the day confined to fast in fires Till the foul crimes done in my days of nature Are burnt and purged away.

Outside of Star Wars, even creators of Halo machinima have decided to take lines of Shakespeare's Hamlet and alter the lines to reflect the haphazards and joys of the game.

- Kristopher

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HowBeauteous said...


"Quantum Leap of Sholay's" by His Royal Highness Shri Shri William Shakespeare (a parody)

[What if... Bollywood's alltime #1 villainous character Gabbar Singh's intro scene in 'Sholay' - original written by M/s Javed Akhtar & Salim Khan - been penned and panned and punned by His Royal Highness Shri Shri William Shakespeare...?]

Prithee, wilst thou say
How many strong were they?

- Though!

Piglets! And though thou be three - thee
Cometh back? Emptyhandedly?
What foul thought let thee to surmise,
Thy cowardice wouldst thy royal majesty please?
And showered be thee with accolades?
Thou Marquises de Sades!

O Sambers,
Bold Lord of Northchamballand -
What price the prize my enemy's on my head giving?

- To full two score and ten cardinal guineas amount it doth.

Hear hear.
Poorer - by half of a hundred times thousand currencies they shalt be.
Dost thou even beginneth to bag,
The meningue of this price tag?

[Enter Tobacco]

[Exit Thuck]

'Cause an effect of my terror and alarm
Spreadeth fifty furlong and wider across the realm
And when nighttime sucklings refuse to Morpheus
The matronly mother doth a clever ruse use
"Pray my sweet young number
Proceed forsooth to slumber
Or else all Hell's
Angels and deathknells
Would sound loud louder louder -
Yon arriveth here - evil Governor!"

And, this vile misbegotten trio of dubious parentage!
Poureth upon mine name earth, mud and sewage?
Retribution and atonement!
Cry mann'd punishment!
Punish't thou shalt surely be.
Bullets in this bazooka how many be?

- Huh? Duh?

(Louder) Bazooka bullets thine how many holdeth?

- Six Sikhs.

A fate worse than death!
See! men be three,
And bullets three
Times two be,
Or not two be?
Unfair, unjust, just unfair!
Shalt shoot my bazooka in the air!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Thank you Sambers!
Three full and three empty chambers.
Next thing on mine agenda
Is rolling it in the feminine gender.

Now where bullets be, and where not,
Is not a thing in schools taught.
So I know nothing, not a thing.
Ignorance is blissful, and I sing -
Whence be my honey honey -
Hey nonny nonny!

Three lives and three deaths doth this bazooka hold,
Who shalt get what cannot be foretold.
(Blank) Firing squad, thou see what I saw?
Escaped, this salacious brother in law!

(Blank) Account for this, thou mother -
Flicker'd fate! This wife's brother
Salad days - shalt live to see more
Green in raiment, hard to the core.

What shalt happen to thee, Othello?
The mood off when is, aught - hello?

- Partaken, mine royal majesty, hath I thine salt.

Peter Peter Pumpkin eater - await the assault.
Eat the bullets from my bazooka
(Blank) Cock! By crook'a or by hook'a
All three sta' bards have managed to escape.
Laughter of mine shalt now fill the cinemascape.

Gaiety and mirth - a feeling of aha!
Laughing bud ha ha ha ha ha!

[Enter Laftrax]

Bam! Bam! Bam!

[Exit Three stoogies]

The cowardice many times before his death -
The valiant gets just one certificate.

When is the festival for all to be jolly?
Holy when is? When is Holy?

[Dedicated to Stephen Leacock]

Jesus Saves... i just look up the Archives and Laugh Out Lord!


Love & Peace
- Surojit Roy