Thursday, February 7, 2008

Keanu Reeves is a Platypus?

The version of Shakespeare's play we are watching in Dr. Clemente's class, Much Ado About Nothing, is realistic and has believable character portrayals by nearly all of its actors. But I said, "nearly all."

Emma Thompson's reenactment of Leonato's boisterous niece is excellent. Denzel Washington does a tremendous job portraying his character, Don Perdo, Prince of Aragon.

Keanu Reeves plays Don John, the cold and calculating bastard brother of Don Pedro. Reeves presents his character in a manner that, to me, is too much ado! A word that came into my vocabulary recently, platitudinous, an adjective meaning flat, describes Reeves' performance in this movie. Reeves is "stone faced" and overplays his anger. In my opinion, Reeves picked the wrong part to play.

The director of this movie did a great job directing the other characters, but must have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to Reeves. He is considered to be a movie star of The Matrix, I know, but he missed his mark in Much Ado About Nothing ....Linda


randiandnicole2 said...

Come on, Linda...he's hot. Keanu is not really much of an actor, really. I really like him only in Hardball and Speed.

L & S said...

You guys did a really good job on your blog. It has alot of information and i like how you listed all of the other blogs off of your page. Good job.

Peru's Dynamic Duo said...

He didn't do that bad. Well, he wasn't the best, but I'm sad the consensus is against poor KR.

Peru's Dynamic Duo said...

that was Mary on the last one. Sorry.