Monday, March 3, 2008

Shakespeare Parodies Part 2

Last time I made this type of post, most of the parodies involved the play Hamlet. This will probably prove true to this post, since Hamlet is highly spoofed.

I have said before that looking for decent parodies of Much Ado About Nothing was as hard as finding a contact lense in an ocean. Click this link to not only find an example of "bad" Shakespeare, but an example of "minimalist" Shakespeare.

A more promising spoof took place alongside the Star Wars universe. Will Shakespeare with lightsabers get boring? Probably not. Are they usually funny together? Most likely. Below is a cartoon made by 11th grade English students. The lack of animation makes this cleverly written video funnier.

The other video belows is an example of "convoluted" Shakespeare. You have the plot and dialogue of Much Ado About Nothing coupled with Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I have looked at the results for "Favorite Shakespearian Character Part 2." I'm quite disappointed to see the lack of results. To confess, I was the one who put a vote in for Hamlet.

With the new poll however, it appears that Beatrice is in the lead! I am guilty as charged in the fact that I help her rise in the poll. However, I noticed a surge of blog activity so the pace should go up fairly soon.

- Kristopher

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