Sunday, April 27, 2008

'Tis Been Fun...

I have enjoyed Shakespeare class for it gave me a whole new perpsective on Shakespeare and how he worked on his plays and sonnets. The class also exposed me to plays that I have never read before (Much Ado About Nothing was a surprise hit with me), or what I have always been wanting to take a glimpse at (King Lear, The Tempest).

The class in Shakespeare had another shining highlight to it: an opportunity to learn how to work with a blog. I have not used a blog before Shakespeare class and it gave me a new perspective on blogs as a whole. I know that blogs can be used for more than just personal purposes. If there is a subject that interests me and if I want to comment on it, I can make a blog exploring the subject. It is fun to use a blog overall; the ability to apply hyperlinks, photos, graphics, videos and other stuff onto posts makes for an engaging experience. It is satisfying when people look at your blog and are impressed by the work you have put together.

Creating a blog for Shakespeare made me realize how many websites there are on Shakespeare and his works. There are literally hundreds of, if not thousands or more, sites devoted to critical analyses on the plays, their characters and what influenced Shakespeare to write the way he did. Looking over famous quotes that have been used in other media, such as movies, comics, etc., has made me realize on how much of a cultural impact Shakespeare made into the English language and global culture as a whole.

Countries which do not have English as an initial language such as Japan and Russia have made their own versions of Shakespeare's plays. Russia has its King Lear. Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa filmed Throne of Blood and Ran, both adaptations of Macbeth and King Lear respectively. It is amazing how one culture who speaks one language influences another that speaks an entirely different language, as Shakespeare's stories have elements that everyone can relate to.

Making the Shakespeare blog has given me a new appreciation for Shakespeare. I hope to keep "Much Ado About Nothing and Everything Else Shakespearean" running with sonnets and plays not explored in the class.

I would like to thank my partner, Linda, for helping me out with the blog and the video performance. I know she has not been able to make as many posts as I had, but her commentary on different plays were welcome.

'Tis been fun!

- Kristopher

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